Henderson - BlackBelt Maxx Combination Body
BlackBelt Maxx
Henderson BlackBlet Maxx Logo

The BlackBelt Maxx is the ultimate in combination bodies. It delivers advanced anti-ice, deicing and material handling capabilities with large capacities to match. In a class all its own, Henderson has poured decades of manufacturing expertise and work truck technology into this phenomenal all-season multi-purpose body.

The BlackBelt Maxx’s capabilities include: anti-ice applications, deicing applications, pre-wet applications, salt slurry generation, material hauling and high volume material conveying, perfect for feeding asphalt pavers or for shouldering projects.

When it comes to material hauling, the BlackBelt Maxx stands alone. The unit easily handles salt, sand, gravel, medium sized rock, rip-rap, asphalt, snow, leaves, dirt, mulch, ash and much more.

If you're looking for the complete package, one body that truly does it all, look no futher!

Henderson - MuniBody Flat Floor Combination Body
MuniBody Flat Floor
Henderson MuniBody Flat Floor Logo

The Flat Floor Combination Body further reduces your center of gravity, increases your payload, combines our unibody (cross-memberless) design and comes with an array of options. Its unmatched flexibility allows you to work with multiple insert units or operate as a standard combination body/delivery system.

Henderson - MuniBody 22 Degree Combination Body
MuniBody 22°
Henderson MuniBody 22 Degree Logo

A municipal or Combination Body for all reasons... and seasons. Just when you thought you'd seen it all, the engineering staff at Henderson does it again. This time it's the MuniBody... the industry leading (multi-task) combination body with its self cleaning 22° sloped sides. Truly a year-round work-horse that will earn its keep season after season, year after year.

Don't forget to inquire about our commonly selected options, like liquid tanks, toolboxes, etc...

Henderson - MuniBody 35 Degree Combination Body
MuniBody 35°
Henderson MuniBody 35 Degree Logo

Retaining all the great benefits of its sibling listed above, the 35° Combination Body was designed with a steeper slope, for those working with stubborn or damp materials. With the steeper slope, come the ability to add larger liquid tanks for all your pre-wetting needs.

Don't forget to inquire about our commonly selected options, like liquid tanks, toolboxes, etc...

Henderson - MuniBody Three Combination Body
MuniBody III
Henderson MuniBody Three Logo

The ultimate every-season Combination Body for mid-size trucks. The MuniBody III is a scaled down replica of its legendary big brother, the MuniBody 22°. For fleets operating with mid-sized trucks, looking to multi-task and maximize their investment dollars, there's no better solution. This year round Combination Body really does do-it-all.

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