Henderson - BlackBelt Maxx Combination Body
BlackBelt Maxx
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The BlackBelt Maxx is the ultimate in combination bodies. It delivers advanced anti-ice, deicing and material handling capabilities with large capacities to match. In a class all its own, Henderson has poured decades of manufacturing expertise and work truck technology into this phenomenal all-season multi-purpose body.

The BlackBelt Maxx’s capabilities include: anti-ice applications, deicing applications, pre-wet applications, salt slurry generation, material hauling and high volume material conveying, perfect for feeding asphalt pavers or for shouldering projects.

When it comes to material hauling, the BlackBelt Maxx stands alone. The unit easily handles salt, sand, gravel, medium sized rock, rip-rap, asphalt, snow, leaves, dirt, mulch, ash and much more.

If you're looking for the complete package, one body that truly does it all, look no futher!

Henderson - BlackBelt Live Bottom Truck
BlackBelt - Truck Body
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The Henderson BlackBelt live bottom chassis-mount version delivers all the same great features and benefits as its live bottom trailer sibling.

The BlackBelt chassis-mounted version (designed for 2 to 6 axle trucks) is available in 14- to 22-foot lengths ranging from 16 to 25 cubic yards capacity.

BlackBelt works year 'round and continues to set the standard for all other live bottom systems to follow. Capable of meeting changing demand by the hour, day or job... BlackBelt is ready to expand your hauling boundaries.

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